Facial Massages

Sculptural face lifting massage

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 800 DKK

Experience the transformative power of the Sculptural Face Lifting Massage, a specialized treatment designed to firm and soften facial lines while releasing tension in your facial muscles. This innovative massage technique combines lymphatic drainage, a dry lifting technique, and buccal (intra-oral) massage with nourishing oils to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

What to Expect?

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage: this gentle technique reduces puffiness and detoxifies your skin, promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.
  • Dry Lifting Technique: targeting fine lines and wrinkles, this method enhances facial contours and improves skin firmness.
  • Buccal (Intra-Oral) Massage: by accessing the muscles inside your mouth, this unique approach alleviates deep-seated tension, enhances muscle tone, and promotes a profound sense of relaxation.
  • Scalp Massage: a comprehensive treatment that includes a soothing scalp massage, reaching into your hair. Please note that this may leave your hair feeling oily post-treatment.

The Sculptural Lift Facial works by manipulating the muscles and tendons of your face for one full hour, addressing not only the physical signs of aging but also the emotional and stress-related tension often held in these tissues. This tension can stem from past trauma or everyday stress, sometimes lying deep in the subconscious.


  • Immediate Visual Improvements: noticeable results after just one session, with firmer skin and softened lines.
  • Cumulative Effects: for optimal, long-lasting results, regular treatments are recommended.
  • Holistic Facial Enhancement: helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness, and promotes overall facial symmetry and relaxation.

Frequency for Best Results

For optimal results, it is recommended to start with a series of treatments:

  • Initial Phase: once a week for the first month.
  • Maintenance Phase: once every 2-4 weeks thereafter, depending on your skin’s needs and your personal goals.

Important Information

Contraindications. Not suitable for those with recent Botox or fillers (within the first 1-2 months).

The Sculptural Lift Facial offers a powerful combination of techniques that naturally enhance your facial appearance and provide a deeply relaxing experience. Most clients find themselves drifting off during the session, awakening to a rejuvenated and revitalized face.

Book your session today and discover the natural way to enhance your beauty and well-being.

Facial massage and mask

Duration: 40 minutes

Price: 460 DKK

Discover a simple yet effective way to care for your skin with Facial Massage and Mask treatment.

Treatment steps:

1. Gentle Facial Massage:

Start with a soothing facial massage. This massage is not just relaxing; it also helps to decrease anxiety and can improve a negative mood, and gives your skin a healthy glow. Massage is done using cream which moisturizes and firms the skin.

2. Personalized Face Mask:

Finish with a face mask chosen just for you. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, we have a mask that will suit your skin type. This mask adds the final touch, nourishing your skin and leaving it feeling soft and looking bright.

Facial massage and Hydrojelly mask

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: 590 DKK

Indulge in a revitalizing experience with Esthemax Cosmetics treatment.

Treatment Steps:

1. Enzyme Peel:
Unveil a fresh complexion with a gentle Enzyme Peel, delicately removing dead skin cells.

2. Face Massage:
Drift into relaxation of massage, promoting circulation and enhancing the absorption of nourishing ingredients.

3. Ampule Infusion:
Tailored to address your unique skincare needs. Ampoule delivers a concentrated boost of targeted ingredients, ensuring a personalized approach to your skin concerns.

4. Hydrogel Mask:
Luxuriate in the final step with Hydrogel Mask, designed to lock in moisture, leaving your skin hydrated, plump, and radiantly revitalized.